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SmartCBS - Employee Cooperative Credit Society Software

SmartCBS is a web based Employee Cooperative Credit Society Software. Software enables the society to give lot of convenience features to its members.

SmartCBS - Advantages:

  • Bring Employee Cooperative Societies at par with the technological platform of the Commercial Banks thus improving interms of service delivery to its members.
  • Transparency and regular reconciliation and balancing of books of account to arrest pilferage.
  • The member of the society can avail facilities through phone call, mobile app and website.
  • SmartCBS design is based on open systems, it can seamlessly integrate with third party systems.
  • Web based system advantages - cross platform compatibility, ease of deployment.
  • Simple user interface: Allows users to easily navigate from one screen to another through intuitive hyper linking. Users gain access to complete details of customers and accounts with a minimum number of clicks
  • Supports multiple delivery channels: Enables you to widen your reach with support for multiple delivery channels such as internet banking, telebanking, mobile banking, SMS, and ATM.
  • Highly secure: Role based access control system ensures that only authorized users have access to specific modules.
  • SmartCBS is future proof and can be seamlessly integrated with other applications. With robust architecture and scalability, it ensures protection on your investments

SmartCBS - High level Modules

  • Membership & Shares and Dividend
  • Thrift Deposits
  • Membership Benefit Fund
  • Savings
  • Fixed Deposits(FD)
  • Recurring Deposits(RD)
  • Deposit Loans - Loans on FD and RD
  • Gold Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Education loans
  • Accuracy and Accountability TaskList - maker and approver concept
  • User authentication and authorization capabilities
  • Convenience Dashboards
  • Transactional SMS and Email alerts
  • Accounting module
  • New product developement using Schemes - supported for products like Savings, FD, RD and Loans
  • Multi state and Multi Branch support
  • Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Recovery Module for Loans, Defaulters list
  • Mobile app for Member(s)
  • Self Service Portal for members